More about broadcasts

A Business or an Individual can only initiate a broadcast from their broadcast group. This group can have followers. Here is more information.

Create a Broadcast group

A Business owner must first verify their business which can be done in 30 seconds. For Individuals, simply saving their Home location will create a broadcast group for them.

Quota limit

Broadcast groups impose monthly limits for Admins on the number of messages they can broadcast. For Businesses, it is 4 and Individuals it is 12. See pricing page for more details including Premium plan.

Following a Broadcast group

An unlimited number of Users can follow a Broadcast group. Following members are not visible to other users, including group admins

Key Contact Chats

User who follow a Broadcast group can contact Admins. This 1:1 chat will be in total privacy as the personal details will not be displayed

Save multiple locations

Broadcasts can be viewed for multiple GPS locations or addresses, one at a time. One can save Home, Work, Native Home, Ex-Home etc., There is no limit

Become a Locan Star

Locan star is an Individual who was verified and approved by the Locan team. The approval is subject to conditions and requirements at that time. The person can participate in certain programs that help us mutually benefit. The benefits include monetary and increased message quota. Contact us to become a Locan Star.

Broadcast Admin FAQs

Some key questions and answers regarding the publishing features, administration and costs associated with a broadcast group

  • A broadcasted message becomes available to Users only after 5 minutes. This delay helps Admins to recall accidental sends, without leaving any footprint to other users

  • Admins can long-press a message to see the unPublish icon. Unpublish will remove the message from our database

Cost of a broadcast group

Broadcast groups are FREE - any one can create a broadcast group, infact, more than one.

See the pricing page for details
Admin privileges

Super admin is the most powerful permission that one can have. Broadcast groups can have multiple Super Admins.

Super admin can grant other Admins privileges to post messages,