Locan for Local Announcements

Broadcasts from neighbourhood and beyond

Smart way to consume information from nearby and beyond without distracting notifications. Set your Home, Work or any other location and see broadcasts that are only relevant to the chosen location.

Clean, relevant information

Based on proximity

Only users within the coverage radius of a Broadcast can view that message. Thus, the distance based Broadcast from Verified Businesses provide the most relevant and high quality information to Users. The information is kept fresh by automatically clearing older messages on the 3rd day.

Free, Easy to use

Free for Personal and Business use

  • Free monthly quota for Businesses and Home users

  • Business owners can self verify their registered google maps phone number in seconds

  • Easy to send Audio, Video, Polls, Weblinks or PDF files

  • For Business offerings, Social services like Blood donation, Old age homes, religious events, Home run businesses like tuition classes, music and sports academies, Civic/political voices, Government agencies, local enthusiasts and more

  • 1Km radius free Broadcast for verified businesses. For a custom radius upgrade to paid Premium plans